Nikki and Paul-Maternity+Family

This shoot was a blast!!  I had to get that out of the way because really I had so much fun photographing this family.  We started out by meeting at Whitmore Grove, just outside of Redway to get some shots in the Redwoods, and Nikki mentioned to me that she brought a squirrel costume for Paul to wear.  I laughed and thought to myself what a funny sense of humor she had.  Then she made it clear that she was serious, and I may have had a brief moment where I thought she was a teeny bit cuckoo, but I blamed it on her pregnancy hormones.  When it came down to him actually getting in the suit and posing for the picture though, I finally got it.  I understood that she wasn't cuckoo, she was innovative and creative and I loved her style!  


We finished up in the Redwoods and headed to the Southern Humboldt Community Park to start the second half of their double session.  I am so glad they chose to take pictures at both places, we got such a huge variety of shots it was hard to narrow down my favorites to share.  I wanted to try some flowing maternity poses and Nikki was brave enough to bare it all and show off that glowing pregnancy figure, much to the joy of her fiancee who was trying to take behind the scenes photos the whole time.  These two flirt like teenagers, it was adorable!  I want to wish them a wonderful happy life together, and congratulate them on the upcoming birth of their child followed by what I'm sure will be a very lively and fun wedding!!