April Moore and Ranch Party

April Moore and Ranch Party-Briceland Vineyards- Briceland-California-Vineyard-Rustic-Barn-Rustic Barn-Country-Western-Vintage-Musician-Music-Redhead-Fiery-Cowgirl-Ferrier-Small Town-Singer-Songwriter-Guitar player-

April and I first met in middle school and she always had a strong presence.  Tall, fiery with gorgeous red hair and determination in her eyes, I was in awe and slightly afraid of her.  She still has a commanding presence and I'm still in awe and a little scared of her, but also super impressed with her musical abilities.  April is a farrier, I had to look up what that means so I'll save you the time, it means she shoes horses.  She's a badass, a real deal cowgirl, and I'm impressed.

April Moore and Ranch Party-Briceland Vineyards- Briceland-California-Vineyard-Rustic Barn-Rustic-Vintage-Country Western-Country-Western-Barn-Band-Singer-Songwriter-Musicians-Music-Cowgirl-Cowboys

The rest of the band I have known or at least seen around in other local bands for about a decade, some of them often playing at the bar I used to work at years ago.  They're great musicians and amazing singers.  They broke out in song at the end of the shoot and it's a shame I was all out of light to record it with, but it was amazing to hear them all sing together.  I so wish I could share it with you.  Instead, head over to their website and have a listen, and then try to catch them live if you can.  They're frequently playing at local benefits to support our volunteer fire departments, yet another reason they're so awesome!!

I had been envisioning this shoot for months so when we all finally had time to do it I was super excited!!  Luckily Briceland Vineyards had agreed to let us shoot at their amazing old rustic barn, which was exactly what I was looking for.  A few of the guys got a little lost on the way, that's what happens on back country roads sometimes but they showed up just in time for a gorgeous sunset and it all worked out perfectly.  These are by far my all time favorite photos, and definitely reconfirm my draw to taking promotional photos for musicians, something I hope to get into more if my family ends up in Tennessee next year.





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