Huber Wedding

I don't even know where to start with this one, such a gorgeous day filled with so much love.  I guess I'll start with introducing my husband Dave, who happens to be my second shooter for most weddings, and also my "director of lighting" on almost all other shoots.  Dave and I showed up early ready for those precious getting ready shots, high fived each other and went our separate ways.  Him off to be a fly on the wall of the groom's pad and me in to tackle the Bride and all that is women getting ready for a momentous occasion.  





I was excited when the bride and groom were up for doing a first look.  I think there is something so special in having that time of just the two of you to breath together and enjoy a moment before the chaos that can be a wedding day.  Plus, the emotion that is a first look is magnified when it is just the bride and groom there to experience it alone, as you can see from this beaming groom enjoying the site of his gorgeous bride to be for the first time in her wedding dress.


We moved from there just down the road to the site of the ceremony to take some photographs of the bride and groom and the bridal party and family portraits before the guests arrived.  It was so fun to see the love that comes from friendships that have been decades in the making.


Gathering the whole family proved to be a difficult task so we decided to just take pictures of the bride and groom and their two beautiful daughters, and catch the extended family after the ceremony.  These 4 are just so fun to be around, so much love!!


The Hubers had decided to have their ceremony in Wedding Grove in the Southern Humboldt Community Park such a beautiful spot!  They made benches and created a wonderland next  to a simple oak tree, it felt magical.  The guests socialized and enjoyed their time together before the groom and his best men made their way to the front to the beat of their drums.  The ceremony was short and sweet and the love between these two shined through the whole thing.


The beautiful day didn't end there, the ceremony was followed up with a fun filled reception a short walk away at the park barn.  The work they put in to all of the gorgeous details made for an extraordinary background to a very spirited reception.  



Highlights of the night were heartfelt speeches of course, a vibrant bonfire, and my favorite, a dance off between the groom and his brother.