Ella's Senior Portraits

Miss Ella came into my life when I started bartending at  Cecil's New Orleans Bistro in Gaberville, Ca many years ago.  Her mom was co owner of the restaurant and Ella and her brother used to watch cartoons in the Bar while I set up.  They were wonderful kids and I enjoyed their company, they could always make me laugh.  


We drifted apart when I stopped working there so I was surprised when I got an email from her mom with an interest in pictures, I just couldn't believe that little girl was about to graduate high school!  It only felt like a few years had passed, not more than a decade.  I was of course honored that they wanted me to take such milestone pictures for them, and was very excited about the shoot.

Ella showed up on set ready to bring it, she was an amazing model, and man, when she smiles, all I see is her mom, such a beautiful and infectious grin.  Thanks again you guys, I really had a great time on these ones!