Big news!! Fauna Rose Photography has relocated to the Knoxville area of Tennessee!!  We're excited to be offering Branding, Music Promo, Senior, Fashion, and Maternity shoots to the East Tennessee area.  We are absolutely loving our new home, and are excited to start working with you!  Here are a few photos from the shoots we've done here so far :)

Huber Wedding

I don't even know where to start with this one, such a gorgeous day filled with so much love.  I guess I'll start with introducing my husband Dave, who happens to be my second shooter for most weddings, and also my "director of lighting" on almost all other shoots.  Dave and I showed up early ready for those precious getting ready shots, high fived each other and went our separate ways.  Him off to be a fly on the wall of the groom's pad and me in to tackle the Bride and all that is women getting ready for a momentous occasion.  





I was excited when the bride and groom were up for doing a first look.  I think there is something so special in having that time of just the two of you to breath together and enjoy a moment before the chaos that can be a wedding day.  Plus, the emotion that is a first look is magnified when it is just the bride and groom there to experience it alone, as you can see from this beaming groom enjoying the site of his gorgeous bride to be for the first time in her wedding dress.


We moved from there just down the road to the site of the ceremony to take some photographs of the bride and groom and the bridal party and family portraits before the guests arrived.  It was so fun to see the love that comes from friendships that have been decades in the making.


Gathering the whole family proved to be a difficult task so we decided to just take pictures of the bride and groom and their two beautiful daughters, and catch the extended family after the ceremony.  These 4 are just so fun to be around, so much love!!


The Hubers had decided to have their ceremony in Wedding Grove in the Southern Humboldt Community Park such a beautiful spot!  They made benches and created a wonderland next  to a simple oak tree, it felt magical.  The guests socialized and enjoyed their time together before the groom and his best men made their way to the front to the beat of their drums.  The ceremony was short and sweet and the love between these two shined through the whole thing.


The beautiful day didn't end there, the ceremony was followed up with a fun filled reception a short walk away at the park barn.  The work they put in to all of the gorgeous details made for an extraordinary background to a very spirited reception.  



Highlights of the night were heartfelt speeches of course, a vibrant bonfire, and my favorite, a dance off between the groom and his brother.


Spectacular Maternity+Family Shoot with Shane and Tanya

It has been much too long since my last blog post!!  Last December I had the pleasure of doing a joint family and maternity session out on the Lost Coast.  

We started a little inland in a beautiful grove of trees



and worked our way out to the coast ending at Black Sands Beach in Shelter Cove for a perfect sunset backdrop.  


This family was so sweet, and funny, a joy to work with!  Congratulations (a quite belated congrats) on your new baby boy, he's just adorable!  

Ella's Senior Portraits

Miss Ella came into my life when I started bartending at  Cecil's New Orleans Bistro in Gaberville, Ca many years ago.  Her mom was co owner of the restaurant and Ella and her brother used to watch cartoons in the Bar while I set up.  They were wonderful kids and I enjoyed their company, they could always make me laugh.  


We drifted apart when I stopped working there so I was surprised when I got an email from her mom with an interest in pictures, I just couldn't believe that little girl was about to graduate high school!  It only felt like a few years had passed, not more than a decade.  I was of course honored that they wanted me to take such milestone pictures for them, and was very excited about the shoot.

Ella showed up on set ready to bring it, she was an amazing model, and man, when she smiles, all I see is her mom, such a beautiful and infectious grin.  Thanks again you guys, I really had a great time on these ones!


Ryce family

I have been putting off publishing this blog post for too long.  I was nervous about writing this one because this family means so much to me and I had put a lot of pressure on myself to portray that love on here.  


I have known Tao my entire life, I used to live in his sister's hand me downs, and I spent much of my childhood with their family.  I attended Tao and Danielle's wedding in this very spot 13 years ago, seemed like a fitting, and beautiful location for family portraits.  


We started the afternoon with a special session of just Danielle before the boys joined us for the family portraits.  It was so fun to watch a woman who usually puts her family first transform into a stunning model, unapologetically bringing her power to each photo.  


The boys showed up with a whole lot of energy and laughs.  


We couldn't have asked for a better session.  Though there were moments when the littlest had no desire to be in photos, we just worked around him and went to him, and he made each photo unique with his boyish charm and energy.  



The oldest was a natural model, and thrived in front of the camera, it was adorable to watch his inner model step out.

 I love this family so much and was honored to capture portraits for their family.


Winter Mini Sessions

I went into this with pretty low expectations because my spring mini sessions were a bit of a bust and I only booked one.  This one was looking about the same, only one family booked.  Then came the day before when everyone came out of the woodwork and I filled up the day.  There was a chance of rain but I wasn't worried because the location I chose would have kept the clients dry and only I would've gotten wet, a small price to pay for gorgeous photos ;)  The shoot took place at the beautiful Briceland Winery Vineyards, you may remember the location from the promo shoot I did with April Moore and Ranch Party which I blogged about a few months ago.  The families were wonderful, and I couldn't have asked for a better day!!  


Hannah, Matt and Roxie family session

Hannah contacted me wanting golden hour family portraits done at the Southern Humboldt Community Park.  I love a woman with a plan.  Too bad I hadn't been to the park at sunset in quite some time and we got there just in time for golden hour, well, maybe a few minutes late because we had to run to catch the oak tree where I was hoping to get some shots in right before the sun went down.  




Luckily it worked out perfect and we were able to capture some beautiful photos of her and her family just spending time together and some great posed ones for Holliday Cards.  


Nikki and Paul-Maternity+Family

This shoot was a blast!!  I had to get that out of the way because really I had so much fun photographing this family.  We started out by meeting at Whitmore Grove, just outside of Redway to get some shots in the Redwoods, and Nikki mentioned to me that she brought a squirrel costume for Paul to wear.  I laughed and thought to myself what a funny sense of humor she had.  Then she made it clear that she was serious, and I may have had a brief moment where I thought she was a teeny bit cuckoo, but I blamed it on her pregnancy hormones.  When it came down to him actually getting in the suit and posing for the picture though, I finally got it.  I understood that she wasn't cuckoo, she was innovative and creative and I loved her style!  


We finished up in the Redwoods and headed to the Southern Humboldt Community Park to start the second half of their double session.  I am so glad they chose to take pictures at both places, we got such a huge variety of shots it was hard to narrow down my favorites to share.  I wanted to try some flowing maternity poses and Nikki was brave enough to bare it all and show off that glowing pregnancy figure, much to the joy of her fiancee who was trying to take behind the scenes photos the whole time.  These two flirt like teenagers, it was adorable!  I want to wish them a wonderful happy life together, and congratulate them on the upcoming birth of their child followed by what I'm sure will be a very lively and fun wedding!!


April Moore and Ranch Party

April Moore and Ranch Party-Briceland Vineyards- Briceland-California-Vineyard-Rustic-Barn-Rustic Barn-Country-Western-Vintage-Musician-Music-Redhead-Fiery-Cowgirl-Ferrier-Small Town-Singer-Songwriter-Guitar player-

April and I first met in middle school and she always had a strong presence.  Tall, fiery with gorgeous red hair and determination in her eyes, I was in awe and slightly afraid of her.  She still has a commanding presence and I'm still in awe and a little scared of her, but also super impressed with her musical abilities.  April is a farrier, I had to look up what that means so I'll save you the time, it means she shoes horses.  She's a badass, a real deal cowgirl, and I'm impressed.

April Moore and Ranch Party-Briceland Vineyards- Briceland-California-Vineyard-Rustic Barn-Rustic-Vintage-Country Western-Country-Western-Barn-Band-Singer-Songwriter-Musicians-Music-Cowgirl-Cowboys

The rest of the band I have known or at least seen around in other local bands for about a decade, some of them often playing at the bar I used to work at years ago.  They're great musicians and amazing singers.  They broke out in song at the end of the shoot and it's a shame I was all out of light to record it with, but it was amazing to hear them all sing together.  I so wish I could share it with you.  Instead, head over to their website and have a listen, and then try to catch them live if you can.  They're frequently playing at local benefits to support our volunteer fire departments, yet another reason they're so awesome!!

I had been envisioning this shoot for months so when we all finally had time to do it I was super excited!!  Luckily Briceland Vineyards had agreed to let us shoot at their amazing old rustic barn, which was exactly what I was looking for.  A few of the guys got a little lost on the way, that's what happens on back country roads sometimes but they showed up just in time for a gorgeous sunset and it all worked out perfectly.  These are by far my all time favorite photos, and definitely reconfirm my draw to taking promotional photos for musicians, something I hope to get into more if my family ends up in Tennessee next year.





Briceland Vineyards-Briceland Winery-Briceland-California-Winery-Vineyard-Grapes-Wine